Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beta Testing on Newgrounds

In mid-June, we had a soft launch of Pipeline in the Newgrounds community, timed to coincide with their bi-monthly Game Jam contests. Lots of folks signed up and tried Pipeline, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Here is a sample of the feedback we received from our first batch of beta testers:
"This looks really nice and helpful." 
"To be honest I thought this was just an ad for a generic site, but I'm pleasantly surprised." 
"Very nice, Will definitely help lots of collabs... Looking forward to the collabs this will help and to a future of better, organized collabs." 
"Wow, I'm impressed... It'll help me in the future and right now." 
"Pipeline is truly awesome."
Obviously this kind of reaction has us really pumped. But even more importantly, these comments came with a lot of great ideas for  how to make Pipeline even better. So we've decided to temporarily take Pipeline offline while we implement our next set of changes. We expect to have a new version up and running in July, along with a contest to entice our next round of beta testers.

Please note if you registered for Pipeline, your account information will be transferred to the next release. We will also try to notify those folks via email when they can log in again.

Thanks for your patience, your feedback, and your enthusiasm while we bring you the best platform for crowdsourcing movies out there.