Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pipeline success stories

In the past few months Pipeline has been used for all kinds of projects: videos, games, artworks, class projects, and more. As 2011 comes to a close, we wanted to highlight a couple of recent Pipeline success stories. Here's to many more in 2012!

Holiday Flood - 20+ artists from around the world used Pipeline to organize a month-long, collaborative art project which originated in the Newgrounds Art Forum. For each of the 12 days of Christmas, two artists submitted one artwork each based on the day's theme to the Newgrounds Art Portal, for a total of 24 artworks. In addition, each artwork contained a puzzle piece that, when combined, revealed a holiday poster and greeting, complete with every artist's signature. The project was submitted to the Newgrounds Flash Portal as an interactive art gallery with original music, where it received excellent reviews and an award for being one of the top-rated submissions on Christmas Day 2011.

Here are the finished products: Flash Portal submission and Art Portal submissions

And here's the Pipeline project that produced them: Holiday Flood on Pipeline

Game Jam 6 - Every month or two, Newgrounds sponsors a Game Jam, a competition in which teams of artists, programmers, and musicians try to create a Flash game in just a few days. For Game Jam 6, announced in the Newgrounds Collaboration Forum in early December 2011, the theme was "hallucinations" and the deadline was 96 hours. Fifteen teams, each consisting of four randomly-assigned members from around the world, used Pipeline to help organize their game projects. Of those, nine submitted completed games to the Newgrounds Flash Portal by the deadline. All of the teams that used Pipeline and submitted a game received better ratings than the teams that didn't use Pipeline. Additionally, the three top-rated games all used Pipeline. We awarded $100 prizes (partially donated by Newgrounds) to each of these teams, listed below:

All of the Game Jam 6 submissions can be viewed in this Newgrounds collection.

Congrats to these folks and Happy New Year!